Your Voice is Your Personal Goldmine

Auctioneer’s voice keeps going strong thanks to voice training and high-tech analysis

Joh Korrey spends time working with Kathe Perez to make sure his voice is okay.

“Let’s start off with an easy feeling of breathing,” Perez instructed Korrey. Then the two go through vocal exercises together.

“Let’s bring it down a key,” Perez said. “A big brown bug bit a big brown bear, a big brown bug bit a big brown bear.”

It’s not just vocal exercises that keep his voice in check. A camera goes down Korrey’s throat and gives doctors a look at his vocal chords in action.


Our voice coaching program for auctioneers consists of 3 private one-on-one coaching sessions (face-to-face or webcam).

Voice Coaching Program for Auctioneers

Course Outline
  • What’s it all about – the technical side of voice production.
  • What every auctioneer must know about the protection and care of his/her voice.
  • Voice Warm-up, Cool-down and daily exercise routine.
  • Competions– are you ready?
  • The Nine Elements of an Exceptional Voice
    1. Pitch
    2. Voice Quality
    3. Loudness
    4. Resonance
    5. Articulation
    6. Phrasing
    7. Pacing
    8. Melodic intonation
    9.  Fluency

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Auctioneer’s Gold: An Independent Online Voice Training Program

You can auctioneer with a broken ankle, but you can’t auctioneer with a voice voice.

In his online program, Kathe will guide you through all the exercises with videos and worksheets.  Check back here for details about when the program will launch.

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Paul Behr, President, World Wide College of Auctioneering