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Pitch3-1024About Eva Pitch3

As you now know, these lessons are a triplet and are meant to be worked with together as a group.

The goals for Eva|Pitch3

  1. To develop a deeper experience using metacognition for training your voice
  2. To provide Part 2 of your warm-up & cool-down regimen, and
  3. To gain a better understanding of what a cool-down means
  4. To connect your breath and pitch in short phrases
  5. To expand upon what resonance means


The instructional video for this lesson, Eva|Pitch3, consists of specific warm-up routines.  You might find that you like using all three instructional videos consecutively to give yourself a longer routine. Or, you can simply go through the warm-up routine with me and then move on to the practice video and the exercises for this lesson, before going on to the next.


Your Eva Vocals for this routine consist of ascending pitch slides – that means sliding your pitch upward for the sounds “hee,” “haa,” or “hoo,” like we’ve done before in the initial Eva|Pitch lesson.  We’ll be tuning your pitch again to the A3 (220 Hz), and I’m introducing pitch tuning to C4 (263 Hz).  After you complete this routine with me, you can work with these exercises in the self-guided section.


The practice video for this lesson, Eva|Pitch3, will focus on connecting your thoughts, that is using the metacognitive strategy we spoke about.  We will have already practiced your Eva vocals in the warm-up routine, and for this lesson you’ll experience connecting your memory of those pitch slides to short phrases.  I’ll cue you to think about the buzz in your face when you say each phrase.


I believe in you!


Kathe Perez