Eva M Breathe

M-Breathe-1024About Eva M Breathe Lesson

Your Eva M Breathe lesson (review your practice video) guides you to use your abdominal muscles to control the flow of air. The tempo incorporated into the Exceptional Voice approach uses a three-count, or beats of three rhythm, for each exercise. It’s critical to your success to be aware of this rhythm and to try to match the tempo taught in the practice video.

The self-guided portion of Eva M Breathe allows you to practice your techniques and to obtain a score after three trials of each exercise. You can control the start of each exercise by pressing “tap to start.” Once you press “start,” you’re ready to begin your exercise. Eva will provide your score after you’ve completed three trials. And if you’d like, you can share your score with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.




Eva M Pitch

Eva M  Pitch, the companion to this breathing lesson, is now available in the Apple App Store. The Android version is coming soon.