Chats with Kathe

Chats with Kathe – Meet Monica, “The Gift of Being Transgender”

Monica P. Mulholland’s mission is to empower people to be themselves, no matter who that is.  She believes it is time to express compassion and understanding for those who may be “different,” and to prevent lives from being lost or damaged by negative stereotypes pushed on Transgender people by society.

Chats with Kathe – Meet Veronika, “A Feminine Manner of Speaking ”

Veronika, a 42-year-old transgender woman, began her transition at the age of 38.  She manages a global team that designs and maintains high graphic virtualization clouds for a worldwide semiconductor company.

Chats with Kathe – Meet Annika, “Your Voice is Your Whole Body”

In 2010, Annika was enrolled in the 120-Day Challenge course from Exceptional Voice. With her experience in mobile app design, her interest was sparked about the possibility of translating the unique and effective training methodology that Kathe Perez had developed for her transgender clients into the interactive learning environment of a mobile app. In 2011 she partnered with Kathe Perez to co-create Eva, the first voice training mobile app for transgender people.