Your Voice is Your Personal Goldmine

Our voice coaching program for auctioneers consists of 3 private one-on-one coaching sessions (face-to-face or webcam).

Voice Coaching Program for Auctioneers

Course Outline
  • What’s it all about – the technical side of voice production.
  • What every auctioneer must know about the protection and care of his/her voice.
  • Voice Warm-up, Cool-down and daily exercise routine.
  • Competions– are you ready?
  • The Nine Elements of an Exceptional Voice
    1. Pitch
    2. Voice Quality
    3. Loudness
    4. Resonance
    5. Articulation
    6. Phrasing
    7. Pacing
    8. Melodic intonation
    9.  Fluency

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Auctioneer’s Gold: An Independent Online Voice Training Program

You can auctioneer with a broken ankle, but you can’t auctioneer with a voice voice.

In his online program, Kathe will guide you through all the exercises with videos and worksheets.  Check back here for details about when the program will launch.

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Exceptional Voice is in the early stages of exploring the concept of a voice training mobile app.  We’d love your opinion.  Please click below to take the survey.

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Paul Behr, President, World Wide College of Auctioneering