Accent Modification

Accent Modification Training Program

Accented speakers are communicatively disadvantaged in business.  Research has estimated that 20% of accented speaking have significant difficulty learning the speech patterns of Standard American English.  Accent modification training offers a solution.  Proficiency at a conversational speaking level is achieved through our Level 1 program.Level 1 consists of 6 sessions over a two month period of time.  In most cases, this training program provides the foundation for making lasting changes.  Improvement in speech sound and idiosyncratic errors can be made within the two weeks.   A dramatic improvement in speaking confidence is experienced by all graduates of this program.  The home practice program is intensive and follow through is necessary to achieve the program’s goals.

It is assumed that non-native speakers of English have completed a basic English as a Second-Language (ESL) course and have obtained good proficiency in English grammar, reading and writing.
Course Goals

  1. To improve perceptual skills through auditory/perceptual training.
  2. To understand principles of learning in order to make lasting changes in your speech patterns.
  3. To understand the differences in specific Standard American English speech sounds compared to your regional accent/dialect.
  4. To re-program the speech patterns of Standard American English for the sounds which have been identified.
  5. To develop effective strategies to make use of the techniques in daily communication.

Course Structure

· Weekly sessions are conducted f2f (for those local to the Denver Metro area) or via SKYPE.
· Worksheets and practice material are provided at each session.
· Customized audio CDs are made at each session. There is no extra charge for these valuable personalized home practice CDs.
· Please contact us to discuss your communication concerns and to learn more about our Accent Modification Coaching Program at: or via telephone (see phone numbers below).