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Pitch4-1024About Eva Pitch4

This is the final lesson of the triplet.  How are you doing with the exercises in the first two lessons?  Does the proprioception strategy make sense?  Are you able to connect the thoughts?  As you know, changing your voice is difficult, and these two core strategies will help you bring all these exercises and Eva vocals together to shape your new voice.

The goals for Eva Pitch4

  1. To combine your proprioception and metacognition strategies for training your voice
  2. To provide Part 3 of your warm-up & cool-down regimen, and
  3. To connect your posture, breathing, pitch, and resonance buzz in short phrases and topics


The instructional video for this lesson, Eva Pitch4, provides you with additional Eva vocals. Again, you have the choice of going through this warm-up then moving on to the practice video, or practicing all three warm-up routines consecutively.


Your Eva Vocals for Eva Pitch4 consist of descending pitch slides – that means sliding your pitch downward using the same sounds we’ve used before –“hee,” “haa,” or “hoo”.  We’ll continue to tune your pitch to A3 (220 Hz) and C4 (263 Hz).  We use the C4 anchoring pitch in later Eva lessons.  After you complete this routine with me, go ahead and work with the exercises in the self-guided section.


The practice video for Eva Pitch4 combines your proprioception and metacognition strategies in the drills.  I’ll cue you to feel and think about your posture, breathing, pitch and the resonance buzz in your face when you repeat short phrases and talk about various topics.


I believe in you!

Kathe Perez