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About EvaM | Pitch Lesson 


Your EvaM | Pitch lesson (as demonstrated in your practice video) trains you to ease your voice downward to two specific pitches C3 (165 Hz) and A2 (110 Hz).  The goal is to experience these pitches in your body (your chest) and learn how to use this sensation to keep your pitch in this range when you speak.


In addition, we’ve provided you with a bonus exercise to vocalize with Xander, our voice model, down to F2 (87 Hz).  If that’s difficult for you, don’t force your voice.


We designed these first two lessons EvaM|Breathe and EvaM|Pitch for you fellows who are early in your transition as well as men who have been on testosterone for a while. All Eva lessons provide you with the programming or coding so that your sensory/motor system incorporates the nuances of these two essential elements:  abdominal/diaphragmatic breathing and pitch tuning.


As we discussed in EvaM | Breathe, the training tempo incorporated into the Exceptional Voice program uses a three-count, or beats of three rhythm, for each exercise.  It’s critical to your success to be aware of this rhythm and to try to match the tempo shown in the practice video.  This 3-count tempo is what you’ll use in the animated, feedback exercises.  However, in the practice video I also provide a 5-count tempo a few times to vary the tempo as a way of expanding your sensation of connecting the breathe to the sound. But, again, in the exercise section of this app, you’ll use the 3-count tempo.


The self-guided exercises of EvaM | Pitch, as with EvaM | Breathe, allow you to control the start of each exercise by pressing, “tap to start.” The pitch slides (#1 -#5 and # 7-#10) are designed to practice over and over again.  Your goal is to stay within the pitch markers.  For example, in the slide #1 exercise, you’ll slide downward from 263 Hz to 208 Hz.  You want to use your breath to control the pitch within these pitches.  You have the choice of listening to the pitch slide before you begin, which I highly recommend when you first begin working with EvaM | Pitch.  Later, work with the exercises without listening first to test your auditory, sensory memory of where your pitch should be.


Exercises #6 and #7 are your pitch anchoring exercises.  Listen to the pitch first (if you wish), then sustain the pitch you hear.  For all exercises, I give you the choice of using the syllables “hee,” “haa,” or “hoo.”  I explain this in the practice video.


These two anchoring pitch exercises are structured so that you receive a score at the end of three trials.  Your goal is to be 80% or greater on target.  If you’d like, you can share your score with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  We’re encouraging a little competitive fun. Use the hash tag #evavoiceapp to post your score.


EvaM | Breathe is now available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Contact me directly is you have any questions.

I believe in you,